Monday, September 14, 2009

Baby's first stalker

When we were at gaming last Friday night, Chloë needed to be fed, so I sat at a separate table with her bottle, being unwilling to nurse in public in that shirt with a ton of people around, and the coffeeshop was crowded that night, especially by a large group of what I was later told were Bible group people.

After she'd finished eating, one of her minions joined us and we talked for a little bit. Then three girls from the aforementioned group came up. They began to admire Chloë, and asked the normal questions: girl or boy? How old?

"Little baby, I want to eat your cheeks!" cooed one of them.

I thought this was a little peculiar (I don't remember; does the Bible say anything about cannibalism?) but I passed it by with a smile. After they had done enough adulation to be considered for the minion list, they prepared to go. The same girl exclaimed, "I love you, baby!"

Now, we get told a lot that our baby is cute (if you're stopping a total stranger and asking intimate questions about their child, you'd better have something nice to say about it), but I thought that was a little over the top. We personally think Chloë could conquer the world just through cuteness, but we don't expect everyone else to share that opinion, and certainly not to express it that way. I've asked Chloë to put that girl on the "do not consider for minion status" list.


Tom Pellitieri said...

Well... it is not unusual to hear comments along the lines of "Your baby's so sweet I just want to eat her up!" I don't think this was anything more than that, but it was a bit... well... overly gushy.

Jenny said...

Well, yes, but I've never understood why offering to eat someone is considered an acceptable compliment. Isn't that a lot like "I love your car so much, I want to steal it"?