Friday, October 9, 2009

State of the baby

Chloë now holds her head up pretty reliably. We've got a booster seat thingy for feeding instead of a high chair--a seat that reclines, then goes upright, with an attachable tray--and she likes to sit in it now, buckled in, looking at toys or rattles or the mess on our dining table at mealtimes. She watches us put food in our mouths, though she doesn't seem interested in trying it herself yet; apparently her fist is tasty enough for now. I'm looking forward to starting her on solids, though with her tongue thrust issue she may be a late starter. (The books all say the time to start solids is after the baby has lost the reflex to push any objects in her mouth out with her tongue.)

She also now Miss Truly Drooly Julie. Alternately, Rabid Baby, because she froths at the mouth, mainly at night (we're not sure why). I'm surprised her chin isn't raw with all the moisture and all the wiping. I'm kind of afraid of what adding solids (well, as much as rice cereal and mashed bananas are solids) will do to this mix, especially since her chin fat folds already trap milk and create a nasty residue if we're not diligent about cleaning it out.

She's starting to be interested in toys and music; we've got a bright wobbly thing with a rattly chamber that turns (how do you describe baby toys?) and she likes turning it with swipes of her fist; and there's a pink elephant that hangs in my car that she adores. It plays music, a little bright "Mario Brothers"-type tune, and her face lights up when we turn it on. Which makes our faces light up.

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