Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New games

Chloë learned to blow raspberries the day before yesterday. Presumably from someone in daycare; she came home delighting in it and blew them all that night. It seems a little undignified for an evil overlord, but then, what do I know? I'm just a lieutenant.

She's also enjoying a new game: she says "Ah," or "Hah," or "Gah," and I repeat it back to her as part of a word--"Ahhhhh-damantite!" or "Hahhhhhh-rpsichord!" We've got a little magazine called "Playing with Your Baby." It's put out by some toy company and contains lots of advertisements for age-appropriate toys, but it also lists no-prop or minimal-prop games to play for different age ranges. One of them for three to six months suggests that when baby babbles, you repeat her syllable and add on other nonsense syllables, so baby says "Dah" and you say "Dah diddy blo wop." I think using long words works just as well or better. (I also throw in the occasional shorter word: apple, or hobby.)


Ernie said...

How Cute - She is teaching you her language!

Carol said...

Fun! "Ahgoo" will show up soon. Elinor calls everything "bah" right now.