Sunday, December 20, 2009

Careful what you wish for

We lay in bed the other morning, Chloe gnawing on my cheek (everything goes into the mouth nowadays). "Are you giving me a kiss?" I asked her, and pulled her off, making a sucking noise. She looked delighted. "I'll give you a kiss!" I said, and planted a loud one on her cheek.

She looked even more delighted, and went back to sucking on my cheek. "Everything goes in the mouth," Eric remarked.

"I wonder why my cheek," I said. "Instead of something pointier, like my chin or my nose."

She pulled off and lunged for my chin.

We're headed for Seattle this afternoon. It'll be Chloe's first plane flight, and I'm hoping she takes after her mom and not her dad when it comes to flying. She'll be wearing her "Going to Grandma's" onesie (at least until she spits up on it) and her Santa hat, ready to charm the Shafer side of her family as she's charmed the Snyder side. Watch out, Shafers. The overlord is coming to conquer you.

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