Tuesday, January 11, 2011

And how we would give her the moon

Chloë and I have this little thing we do. I must have started it, because where would she come up with it on her own? I say "Hmm," when I'm considering something. She hears me and says, "Hmm," mock-serious, and taps her lip thoughtfully with her finger. So I say "Hmm," more emphatically than before, and purse my own lips and tap them, and she says, "Hmm!" more emphatically than me, still tapping.

Yesterday evening she was still asking for the moon. So Eric found a window where it could be seen, a slender crescent with Jupiter nearby, and stood her up on the window seat so she could see it. "Moo'," she said, looking up. "Dahr." She reached up, touching the window, and commented, "Gohl (cold)." She gazed more. She wanted to be picked up so she could get closer, which was heartbreakingly cute but only cut off her view. So she returned to the window seat and stayed there, watching the moon.

After a bit I decided to show her the "Moon" segment on her Baby Galileo show, to make the connection between the pictures there and the night sky she could see. She came to see, because the turning on of the TV is always an important event, but I realized as it started to play that this was awfully stupid of me. Why had I pulled her away from her first foray into astronomy to watch a TV show she's seen dozens of times before? Besides, the moons on the show were mostly full, not crescents, but I tried to tell her they were the same moon. We'll watch the sky in the next couple of weeks as we can so she can see it change. But really. Disney admits Baby Einstein isn't educational, so why would I think it would be? Hmm. Hmm!

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