Monday, March 14, 2011

Green Eggs and Ham

We had a video call with Grandpa and Halmoni Saturday morning, because Chloe had been indicating she wanted to see them. (She and Eric were looking at something on his laptop today and she said "Ganpa? Ha-ee?") It was a very nice call, and included a reading by Grandpa of Green Eggs and Ham. We have our own copy, and she asks for it nearly every day, but she was delighted nonetheless. "Ganpa," she said to me several times when we read it Saturday night, and Sunday night, and this morning. She likes to say "Nooooo!" when Sam says "Would you eat them ____?", and especially when the narrator changes his mind at the end and says "Say! I like green eggs and ham!" (Eric and I have agreed that he says this only to get Sam off his back, since restraining orders presumably don't exist in Dr.-Seuss-land.) When we get to the last page, she flips to the very end with a picture of Sam holding his platter and looking rather smug, and says, "Book over?"

I love the way she says her two-word phrases. Each word is very distinct, like listening to a computer recording read off numbers ("Your prescription number is. Five. Seven? Seven? Three." etc.). I admit hearing "Geen? Ham?" is getting slightly old, but it's charming nonetheless.

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