Monday, January 9, 2012


Potty-training is on hold again. Chloë's become totally unwilling to sit on the potty, even as her collection of stickers slowly erodes as she and Maia pick them off (Chloë to restick elsewhere until they don't stick anymore, Maia to attempt to eat). So we're going to lay off for a few weeks and then try again. We've got two extended-family vacations planned in the summer, one with my family, one with Eric's, and we're really hoping we can have her mostly trained up by then. Not to mention we'd like to get her into preschool next year. Maybe peer pressure would do the trick?

It drives me wild that she won't try, since she's so totally ready otherwise. She's completely verbal; she's aware of when she's doing it in her diaper and will tell us; she dislikes dirty diapers (though wet ones don't seem to bother her); she liked trying on the Little Mermaid underwear Grandpa and Halmoni sent her; she can take off her pants and diaper, though she likes to claim she can't when it's diaper-changing time. When it's bath time or naked time she peels them off quicker than a chocolate disappears in her mouth.

Speaking of chocolate: last night she asked for a Hershey Kiss after dinner. I ended up dropping a bowl while clearing the table and barricaded myself in the kitchen to pick up the pieces, so there was a delay before I got it for her, and during it she announced she was going to poop--"But I don't want to go on the potty."

I said, "Well, go ahead, and then when you're done I'll get your Kiss--no, wait, you should be going right into the bath after this. Can you wait until after you finish your candy, and poop then? And then we'll get you cleaned up and in your bath." She said "Okay." I fetched her Hershey Kiss. She ate it and then she ran to her customary window and did her business. Obviously there's some control there.


Ernie said...

Maybe move her chair to the window?

Jennifer Shafer said...

We tried that.