Monday, August 19, 2013

Because I like water

Yesterday the girls had lunch a little late, because we'd been working outside. I was hot and sweaty and intended to go back out as soon as they were down for naps, so I didn't eat, but I did decide to finish off the last of the juice container. When I sat down at the table, Maia looked suspiciously at my glass. "Is that juice?"

"Yes," I said.


"Because I wanted some."

"Water!" she cried. Her little fist landed on the table. "You like water!"

"I'll have water next time," I promised.

...So I think my little unplanned hiatus is at an end. We'll see. I'm feeling less robotic than I have been the last several weeks. Eric says I'm yelling at the kids more, which I suppose could be interpreted as another symptom I'm feeling better. Or that it's time to hire a babysitter. Or make cookies with Chloƫ.

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