Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bay Park hospital

We visited Bay Park Hospital last night. They don't have set tour times, just a "pop in whenever" policy, though they do ask that you call ahead to make sure a room will be available for viewing, and when I called they asked if we could come a little later than we'd proposed because that was just at shift change. "Um, hi," I said as we approached the nurses' station. "We were wondering if we could get a tour...?"

"Sure!" said one of the nurses, Lisa, leaping up. It was a slow night, apparently; she said as much as she was showing us one of the rooms. They have ten rooms there (two with tubs), where labor, delivery, and postpartum recovery happen; you don't get moved. "We have cable," Lisa said, "and a DVD player, and a little fridge down here. The couch pulls out into a bed. There's a shower in the bathroom, there. The bed isn't very comfortable because it's a labor bed, but we put a mattress-type cover over it. There are no visiting hours, just quiet time at night." She showed us the nursery and the OR and the kitchenette ("snacks are for the mothers only," she said, "but there's coffee and tea and cocoa for guests. The cafeteria closes at six, but there's a Meijer right outside") and the waiting room, told us about "the lactation Nazi," and gave us cards for the midwife group and her favorite OB/GYN attached to the hospital. "Congratulations, thanks for coming down, and I hope you choose us!" she said as we left.

We liked it a lot. It looks new and efficient and fairly comfortable, and very family-oriented, and all the personnel seemed happy to be there. We definitely like it better than Toledo Hospital, and it's very close to work, so appointments with the midwives or OB/GYN would be convenient. We're touring Flower Hospital on Monday, and then we'll decide for sure, but Flower will have to be pretty impressive to get me to forsake the sixteen minutes' drive to Bay Park.

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