Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Since I haven't written lately, here's the latest news in Overlord-ville:

Chloë is loving this whole feeding-herself-with-a-spoon thing. We need to fill it up for her, and she realizes this (though she did her valiant best to fill it herself last night out of the baby food jar and the bowl of peas, with different but ultimately futile results each time). So dinner consists of Eric or me filling up her spoon and Chloë depositing the contents in her mouth. Then she points the spoon imperiously at one of us to demand more. She's so satisfied with herself. I love it.

I've taken her outside to play in the grass a bit the last few days. Mostly this consists of pulling up grass and watching me watch her try to eat it, or handing it to me gravely and waiting until I put it down, then pulling up and handing me more.

We took her to gaming on Monday, but discovered that we can't do that anymore, at least for a while. She consented to sit and watch for a short time, but then she wanted to play. Then she wanted to crawl, and then she wanted someone to play with. Her henchmen attempted to placate her, but she was only temporarily mollified. She wants to do her own thing now, thank you very much, and will accept no substitutes.

Her newest favorite occupation is climbing the stairs. We keep the gate up most of the time, and when it's up she climbs the two steps to the broad landing and stays there, caught in a playpen of her own making because she hasn't figured out how to climb down yet. When we take the gate down, she zooms up the staircase. She climbs with her right knee and her left foot. When we went to visit her grandma, it didn't take her long to discover, joy of joys, a carpeted staircase.

She's also preoccupied with making clicking noises with her tongue. She discovered it a while ago, but she seems to have taken a new interest in it. Especially when she's just finished a meal (food or R.I.N.D.S.), she'll start clicking away, grinning around her open mouth. At dinner Eric and I get into it too, and we'll all three click at each other like ancient African hunters.

Also, she's extremely cute. Did I mention the cuteness?

"Do not make the mistake of thinking that flowers indicate weakness."

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