Monday, August 2, 2010

The terrible ones

Chloe has settled right into being one, kicking and screaming. And biting. We knew we were going to have to start up discipline, but not that it was going to start so soon.

A couple of days ago she was doing a lot of hitting, and Eric spoke to her sternly and set her on the floor (we were all on the couch), and she cried and kicked and was unhappy for the thirty seconds or so we let it go on. Last night she started biting my shoulder. I told her no, and tried putting her on the floor, but that didn't work; so I put her in her bouncer for "a real time out." She was extremely unhappy about this, but she didn't do any more biting.

(For now. She's also using her teeth when we nurse, so I'm starting to actively wean. Yesterday that meant making Eric feed her in the afternoon, because when I hand her a bottle she looks at me like I'm crazy.)

And this morning in the bathroom, I was brushing my teeth and Chloe was exploring, as usual. She came upon the toilet paper, which she's messed with before, so I said around my mouthful of toothpaste, "Uh-uh," sternly. She took her hand away. She looked up at me and slapped the toilet paper roll. Then she removed her hand and checked for my reaction.

This should be an interesting year.

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