Sunday, April 10, 2011

Our daughter the frood

Chloë is having a weird relationship with baths lately. She doesn't ask for them as often as she used to, but she still asks (always complete with sign). Then, when we say "Bath time! With bubbles! Time to get naked!" she wails, "No bath! No bath!" and tries to run away. It's not the naked part. She loves being naked; that's why we say it. It's a special part of the day, being naked "for a while" after getting out of and before getting into her pajamas each day. And when she actually gets into the bath, she's okay. Yesterday she was clutching three of her ducks to her chest, saying triumphantly "Tree ducky!" She still hates having her head wet, but there's nothing we can do about that. Her Mimaw coaxed her under the shower head at a recent sleepover, but that doesn't work for us unless we want her collapsed in sobbing terror.

At the same time, she's gotten inexplicably interested in her towel. There are two that are hers alone: A big rectangular one with butterfly wings and antennae and a square one with an embroidered frog, both hot pink and hooded. She's taken to requesting them whenever we're in the bathroom (the current one hangs on the door) and carrying them around until she forgets about them. She is, after all, not even two. But overall she's awfully interested in where her towel is.

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Tom Pellitieri said...

Obviously she is ready to hitch-hike the galaxy (for her preconquest tour, of course)! Why else do you need to know where your towel is?

Su : )~