Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Three-word phrases and four-syllable words

Chloë's most recent word is "incubator." We have the AAP's Your Baby's First Year book, which lately has seen most action when Chloë wants to look at the drawings of babies in it. One of the pictures is of a preemie in a NICU. Usually I skip over it because it's not very detailed and therefore not interesting, but the other day I decided to stop, for whatever reason, and explain that this was a very small baby in an incubator. "I-koo-bay-tuh," she repeated. I blinked. I said, "That's right. You were in one once, but only for a very short time." Later she was able to repeat it to Eric when I prompted her. I doubt it's going to stick in her mind, since it's not a word that's going to see common use, but I was impressed anyway.

And she's been working on her three-word phrases lately, which thrills me no end, though I admit it's cute when she uses two sentences in the place of one ("Koë more. Do more") because she can't figure out how to fit everything she wants to say into two words. I've heard "Mama go down," "Bird fly up," "Chloë help Dada," "Push garbage can" (Is that really a three-word phrase, since "garbage can" is essentially a single word?), "No pokey nose." She says this last one a lot...then does it anyway. She's definitely approaching two years old.

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