Saturday, February 18, 2012

A dental day

Chloë had her dentist appointment this morning, while Maia came to work with me and charmed people. She did mess up a project I was working on, but no worse than that particular software generally breaks on any given day anyhow. Chloë's doing very well dentally; the dentist said to keep doing what we're doing, and gave her a new toothbrush (green) and a flosser and a lavender frog.

And Maia's first tooth has broken through! So we got the soft little fit-over-your-finger brush out and scrubbed it before bed. Welcome to the betoothed masses, baby!

(Also, maybe I'm wrong about the incremental potty-training thing. Chloë has, as far as we can tell, gone into the bathroom and removed her pants every time she had to pee today. We may need a bigger chart just to accommodate all the stickers.)