Saturday, February 11, 2012

Give that girl a hand

Maia learned to clap tonight! She's attempted it before, but tonight, while Chloë demanded I make "water fountains" out of her squirty bath toys, she not only got her hands to connect, she made noise doing it. She was so pleased, especially when we cheered and clapped with her.

Later, Chloë wanted us all to "nuggle" in our room, so we piled into the bed, the two girls naked except for diapers. Maia didn't want to snuggle; she wanted to stand up and clamber about and, when my shirt eventually rode up, to blow raspberries on me. A particularly loud one sent Eric into paroxysms of laughter. She looked around at him in slight concern, then at me since I was giggling too; then she decided all was well and clapped. I'm not sure if she was applauding herself or us.

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