Monday, December 1, 2008

What to expect when you're expecting to spawn the next evil overlord

I called up the doctor's office today to ask after the results of my blood pregnancy test. The lab took blood last Tuesday. They promised results within half a day. I heard nothing on Wednesday, and when I called the lab, the lab said, "We can only release the results to your doctor," which is ridiculous, and the doctor's office was closed on Friday.

So I called. "It's positive," the woman I spoke with said, and I said, "Excellent," but I wasn't as excited as she was perhaps hoping, since I took a home pregnancy test a week ago and we've told our parents (and one cousin, because she's my Bev) already. I'm approximately five and a half weeks pregnant, which puts the due date very approximately July 30. We'll have better numbers once I go in for my first appointment. In the meantime, we're discussing what we'll do with our new little overlord (mostly in tones of "Ohmigod we're going to be parents what were we thinking") when he or she gets here, assuming all goes well. Darth Vader would be a great Halloween costume for a baby, wouldn't it?

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