Sunday, December 28, 2008

You pilot always into an unknown future

L.E.O. has allowed me to handle the Christmas holidays fairly well, except for the continued lack of interest in chocolate. (Maybe this means he/she won't like chocolate as a child and I can have it all. Probably not.) Our last childless Christmas (assuming all goes well) was very nice; Mom and Dad came out to visit and we had Eric's family over as well. Eric's sister gave us a photo album for an ultrasound, which will be much nicer than the Similac one we got in the goody bag from the doctor.

I got around nine or ten hours of sleep every night, and it suited me nicely, as did the constant snacking that's normally part of the holidays anyway. The food aversions continue, particularly to brassicas. I always liked broccoli and cauliflower, but now they smell gross. I feel like I'm six years old. However, tomatoes--in the form of sauce and salsa--are okay, and so are carrots, so I'll have to get my vegetables in non-green form for the time being. (Yes, I am taking a supplement with folate. Oranges have a decent amount of folate, and I'm eating a couple of those a day. Fruit's okay; it's just the vegetables that are dicey.)

Regardless of the continuing and annoying symptoms, and my family's reassurances, I continue to be worried about possible miscarriage. Eric and I discussed this earlier and had no actual data on the risk, other than that it goes down after the first trimester, so I looked it up. It turns out to be difficult to locate actual data about miscarriages; most of the things I found were questions on Yahoo! Answers or pregnancy forums with completely nonhelpful responses. Apparently not many mothers-to-be are looking for real numbers. But I did find this article, which studied a large group of pregnant women with no symptoms of incipient miscarriage and found that 9.4% had a miscarriage before 6 weeks, 1.5% after 8 weeks, and less than 0.7% after 9 weeks. I've just entered week 10, so I'm feeling better. I won't be completely convinced until I hear the heartbeat, but I'm feeling better.


Holly/Ken said...

Jenny & Eric-- Congratulations! I look forward to following your blog! Eric, you'll need to take pictures of Jenny for it!

Jenny said...

Thanks! We're working on the pictures, once we get past the New Year's party. :)