Monday, January 26, 2009

Alas, poor junk food, I knew you well

We went up to Michigan this weekend to attend Confusion, a science fiction convention. We've been going for years (Eric longer than me) and it's always a good time. There are panels on writing, media, science, books, art, and random silliness, which is what I like, and there's a big game room, which is what Eric likes; and we both like the room parties (it's held at a hotel) and the consuite. The consuite is a big suite always open to everyone at the convention where they have seats for people to sit and talk, and free drinks and snacks, and things like magazines to read and a Sunday pancake breakfast. Good stuff. There's also an art show and a dealer's room and a masquerade and a dance and other random stuff that happens when a lot of geeks get together.

We both had fun, though I missed out on some of the usual nighttime things because I was sleeping ten hours a night. I also confirmed that either my body is programmed to behave a lot better when I'm pregnant than when I'm not, or L.E.O. is totally uninterested in junk food. The consuite had a great selection of junk: salsa and chips, Cheetos, brownies, M&Ms; but all I wanted was peanut butter sandwiches and grapes and carrots. I did get a few Skittles--I think those got a pass because they're fruity--but that was it. What a drag this kid is.

Of course, apparently studies show that a fetus exposed to a particular taste (like alcohol or anise) in utero like the smell better after they're born, so maybe avoiding junk food now will mean a kid with healthier eating habits later. But this is my one chance to eat whatever I want and be able to explain it as "Oh, I'm pregnant" to anybody who might otherwise be horrified, and I'm wasting it.

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