Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dad makes the geeky announcement

Project Little Evil Overlord is coming soon. You will be conquered... by cuteness.

Project L.E.O. is currently approximately fourteen weeks along. Circulatory and basic neurological functions are established and have been detected. As of yet, doctors have proscribed bionic and nanotechnology systems; the project goes forward nonetheless, and is on track for an expected completion date of 30 July.

The expectant mother is doing well except for occasional bouts of discomfort, and alternating joy and paranoia about her future son or daughter taking over the world. The expectant father is currently working on fortress plans and procuring over-powered but occasionally faulty weaponry with obvious self-destruct mechanisms. Just in case.

Applications for minions are already being accepted! No experience is required, though basic diaper changing and bottle-feeding techniques, ability to make cooing noises, and willingness to be cannon fodder when the "good guys" assault the fortress are a plus.

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