Monday, April 19, 2010

Gerber: 7, Mommy: 10

So Chloë appears to be on a diet--or a bottle strike, anyway. She's happy to nurse, and she's more than happy to have real food, but she took no bottles (out of two) at daycare Thursday and one and a half (out of three) at Aunt Angie's Friday. But she ate all her cereal and baby food and snacks. I'm a little worried about her getting dehydrated, but she seems fine so far. We may start sending a sippy cup with her to daycare, though. She's got her nine-month checkup next Friday, and I'm going to have to talk to them extensively about food and drink. Probably we're doing fine, but I'll feel better if someone tells me so.

We've gotten into a habit of giving her some baby food and some "people food" at dinner--some pear-blueberry or zucchini-corn or chicken-and-stars or whatever, plus bits of bread or fruit or noodles. She turns out to love grapes and bread. She's not so keen on plain pasta, but lasagna from Daddy's plate is heaven. Rice is good; strawberries are good; cheese is good. I roasted some potatoes and sweet potatoes and carrots and broke them into small pieces and she gobbled them right up.

And muffins are good. Eric's very enthusiastic about the Gerber puffs, which she likes and which come in a variety of flavors--peach, apple-strawberry, banana, sweet potato. Last night after her green beans and applesauce he shook out a few on her tray. At the same time, I pinched off some bits from the applesauce-cranberry muffins I had made for breakfast. They have cinnamon and allspice in them, but she gobbled them right up, pretty much ignoring the puffs. Mommy food still wins!

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