Thursday, April 15, 2010

You may think it's funny, but it's not

Nobody told me about the boogers. The diapers, yes, and the milk, and the sleep deprivation and the crying, but not the boogers. I admit it could be worse. But Chloƫ is quite a snotty girl at the moment (recovering from a cold), and quite a willful one as well--approach her nose with a cloth or a Kleenex and she moves her head to the side. She used to like the bulb, but she avoids that now too. Try to keep her still and she shakes her entire body violently back and forth and screams. This just gets the boogers smeared across her face, and sometimes my shirt and hand, so lately I've given up. But that means that she gets crusty formations around her nostrils. Which means that when I can (mostly when we're nursing), I get to pull hard booger nuggets out of her nose. I'm telling you, the glamour of this job just doesn't fade.

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