Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Feed me

I think my favorite part of watching Chloë feed herself so far is the way she opens her mouth wide and then steers food toward it. It's important to get these in the right order, you know.

She was doing that last night with bread and cheese and sweet potatoes and strawberries. The strawberries came last, and she started to slow down and play a bit (and I thought it was about time, because she put away a pretty decent amount of food there). I'd eaten the strawberry I saved for myself, so I snitched one of her pieces. She watched me in interest. I leaned over and open my mouth wide, pointed at a strawberry, and pointed at my mouth. She carefully picked it up and deposited the piece in my mouth--well, she positioned her whole hand there, which is the way she feeds herself, so I had to fish between her fingers with my tongue to get it. Still, she fed me a strawberry! I thanked her effusively and she smiled. We repeated this, and then she insisted that I eat her drooly fist, which was kind of slimy but it made her laugh, so it was worth it.

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