Sunday, May 30, 2010

Status report: Month 10

This girl is growing so fast. Next month she'll be learning to drive. Everything's zoom, zoom, zoom! with her. Let's go look at this toy! And then crawl down the hallway! And veer with alarming speed into the craft room! And now pick me up, Mom! And now I'm going to struggle to get out of your arms so I can crawl on air!

(Maybe that's why I could never seem to find the time to sit down and finish this. Also she keeps trying to eat the computer.)

Chloƫ is crawling, crawling, crawling these days. Her knees are often red when we change her. It's so hard to believe she was sitting, immobile, only a couple of months ago. We've had to baby-proof the house out of necessity, and we're working our way up as she perfects her next trick: cruising. She loves to stand, especially by the wooden seat in the entry (by the Rack of Forbidden Shoes) and in the upper hall (holding onto the Rail of Parental Fear), holding casually on with one hand like, I'm only holding onto this thing because it's afraid of heights and I'm trying to make it feel better. Then she edges along whatever it is she's got, reaching ever higher.

This makes bathtime particularly difficult, though it's also a lot of fun, and much easier to clean the insides of her thighs when she's standing up, holding onto the spigot (which we bought an inflatable cover for) and grinning at us as if to say "I know! I can't believe I'm doing this either!"

Our house is constantly littered with toys these days, both actual purchased toys and things that merely entertain her, such as CD cases and pie pans. She loves pulling the DVDs down from the TV stand and still won't leave my computer alone. She's responding to "no," though. (Except when it's "No biting!" Then she laughs.) She's fond of her remote control and her cell phone with the buttons she's allowed to push. She likes the xylophone/piano we bought her, but it's harder to work than we thought so she mostly listens to us play.

She's still in nine months clothes, barely. At her nine-month checkup she was 90th percentile weight, 50th height (75th head), so I'm guessing it's that the height matters more than the weight. I'm plenty okay with this. It's been warm in the last few days, and she's been wearing things like dresses and shorts. Now that she's crawling and standing, they stay on her. Hooray! I'm not sure whether I'm looking forward to the end of the onesie era or not.

Her diet is progressing quicker than the books recommend. Now that her top teeth have partially grown in, she can have actual bites, and does, although she can't be trusted to take a reasonable-sized piece so we're still cutting bread and fruit and such up for her. We had pizza and squash for dinner the other night. I cut up some bits of crust and cheese and green pepper for her and she ate them with gusto. Then she refused the squash until she saw me eat a spoonful. She'd much rather have cut-up strawberries and grapes than her 3rd foods chicken and vegetables. She's very into cheese and bread, and pretty much anything we offer her. She had her first taste of chives the other day, for example, when she was helping me bring things in from the garden.

The biting of the R.I.N.D.S. is becoming a bigger problem. She does it almost all the time now. She cries when I poke her cheek and say "No!" and put the R.I.N.D.S. away, but it doesn't seem to deter her. I'm feeling ambivalent about giving up nursing, but this is one aspect I'll be glad to be done with. Since she's nursing less now, we may have enough milk in the freezer to last until she can start having cow's milk. But telling her this doesn't seem to deter her either.

Separation anxiety has gotten a little better; she'll sometimes reach for Daddy when she's in my arms, and will happily go to Miss Danita and Miss Mindy at daycare. (Her last day is coming up, and they're sad.) She's generally happy to sit in the living room and play while I go to the kitchen to get a snack or put away dishes or see if maybe I left her nail clippers there, since I can't find them anywhere else. (This is going to be a problem shortly. Her nails grow fast and sharp. Also her toenails, and since we've given up on socks for her, this matters.) She smiles and crawls toward me when I come home or go to see her at daycare, but she's also likely to get distracted before she gets to me and start playing with something else.

She's got tricks now. She does the "Indian warcall" thing with her hand, and especially when we put our hands over her mouth, and she does her own variant by moving her side to side while babbling. She claps, and waves, and will occasionally high-five, though I'm not convinced she's actually responding to the request. And she's learned how to make a clicking noise with her tongue. It's one of her great delights to get me to mimic her doing it.

She remains a happy girl, and she's going to love Cedar Point when she's bigger. One of her favorite things right now is being held upside down. Another is being "thrown" from Eric to me, or vice versa. She hates getting into her carseat and being put down for naps, but otherwise life seems to be going pretty well for her.

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