Friday, February 4, 2011

She also knows Pirate Duck says "Arr."

Chloë pointed to Eric's Gatorade container the other morning and said "Dada." I agreed, "That's Daddy's juice." Then she pointed to her sippy and said "Kao." I said, confused, "Craisins? Chocolate?" It took me a while to realize she was saying "Chloë," as in, "Chloë's juice." She hasn't done much spontaneous naming of herself, though she's been big on "baby" the past several days, and I'm sorry I fumbled it. But what a smart girl. Things belong to people.

She's been particularly interested in our glasses lately, and in looking at her Little People book we've pointed out the kids that have glasses and the kids that don't. We got to the point where she would point to a kid and I would say "Glasses!" or "No glasses!" without her having to say that was what she meant. In the past couple of days she's taken it up a notch: she points to my face and says "glasses" ("goggul"), and then to hers and says "No?" and I echo, "No glasses!" Then she runs and gets her sunglasses and puts them on, and I say, "Glasses!"

She's got a LeapFrog phonics thing on the fridge, a collection of letters and a little house where you put a letter in the slot and it sings, "B says buh! B says buh! Every letter makes a sound, B says buh!" or whatever sound applies. She enjoyed making it sing, and then just moving the magnets around. Now she actually knows a few letters. She brings a letter to me and says, "Bee?" and I turn it around, and it's the B. She also knows the R and the D and the M--she's especially pleased with the M, probably because I made such a fuss the first time she correctly identified it for me--and is tentatively okay with the E, L, and C (despite not being able to properly say either of the last two--it's "eh" and "gzhee"). She can point them out in her foam mat, too. We've been naming the foam letters in her bath*, but I really wasn't expecting her to pick up their individual names for a while. Heck, maybe in a year she'll be able to read and then we'll be off the hook for There's a Wocket in My Pocket.

*Of course, sometimes it goes like this:

Me: "Here's the E. E is for ear! And..."

Eric: "Extrapolate! And effervescent!"

Me: "...Here's a J. J is for juice."

Eric: "And jujube!"

Me: "And jail, where you can visit me after I have your dad killed."

Chloë: "Ki'!"

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Jade L Blackwater said...

Natural, the L.E.O. would have a sweet pair of shades to wear!

She'll be penning stories in no time.