Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Words, words, everywhere

Some of this week's words:

-Window. There's a window on the landing, and she likes to look out it and point out the cars and the snow and the birds (whether any happen to be flying by at the time or not).

-In and out. At one of our baby showers we got a gigantic gift bag, and it's been folded up in the spare room closet with the other giftwrap items. Chloe spied it a few days ago and was curious, so we opened it up. It's about as tall as she is, and she wanted inside. So she got it. Then she wanted her ball of yarn and her foam numbers in with her. It's been a favorite fort/plaything ever since. "In," she says, pointing. You lift her in, and she sits happily and plays a bit. "Ow," she says, and you lift her out. (Sometimes she substitutes "up" and "dow".)

-Book. She's known what books (or stories) are for a long time, of course, but she's only recently started saying it clearly.

-Sparkly. Mom gave Chloƫ a couple of shirts with Hello Kitty sketched out in rhinestones. She adores these shirts. "Parky," she says, running her fingers over the bumps. We went shopping at Meijer the other day and had to stop in the girls' section for her to check out a shirt with "parky" sequined stars all over it.

-Broccoli. We made a potato/cheese/broccoli casserole last week and had leftovers over the weekend. "Brocky," she said, fishing out the green bits and poking them into her mouth.

And her first two-word sentence is, apparently, "More please." Did we mention she's a big girl?

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