Sunday, July 24, 2011

Chloë's second birthday

Chloë is two! She is the best two-year-old ever. Her birthday was Saturday, and went very well, all things considered (especially how much of a stupid wreck her mother was over the cake). The day started with pasta and sweet peppers for breakfast--her request--and a green helium balloon, and then a trip to the farmer's market. It was hot and she was tired, and as we walked back to the car I told her, "We're going home, and you can play with your balloon a little. Then it will be naptime, and then it will be your birthday party." She was walking slowly, and I offered to carry her. She lifted her arms without a word, and as we walked toward the car she said, "Go home. Play with green balloon. Night-night. Then birthday party."

When she woke up, there were other balloons to play with, too:

Because her aunt and uncle had to leave early, we made with the cake and ice cream right away. Her cake was chocolate with vanilla frosting:

And she was very excited about eating both cake AND ice cream. She's still talking about it.

She got plenty of lovely presents: dresses, sparkly T-shirts, her own lotion, a Magna Doodle (only not called that), a "Happy Birthday" book, jewelry and hair stuff, an Elmo video, a stuffed snake, and a plastic kitchen/shopping cart/food set. (Also the tricycle and slide from Grandpa and Halmoni a few months ago.) Her cousin Addie helped open presents, but I think in future she'll be just fine doing them by herself.

The eighties called. They hope you enjoy their jewelry and hairbands.

And then the kids went out back to play in the pool and the sprinkler and the slide. (This picture is actually from last weekend, but it's the same setup.) Her rash turned out to be some random viral thing, not contagious and not a problem, so she was cleared for the water.

It was a great day. I was a little surprised she didn't ask for another birthday party again yesterday, but then there were still balloons and new toys to play with, and an evening with the cousins to recover from. She was a little disappointed there was no pasta for breakfast, but life's tough when you're two.

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