Friday, July 29, 2011

Our daughter the genius...the evil genius.

Act I

Scene: a warm summer evening. Chloë is carrying water from the kiddie pool to the concrete path just below the back steps and dumping it there. Carrying and dumping, carrying and dumping.

Mama: Where do you think all that water goes?
Chloë (looking around at the steps, tomato plants, garbage can, and fence nearby): gaba cayyn?
Mama: In the garbage can? That's a good answer.
Chloë (mischievously, looking up at the sky): Adahay up to ky?
Mama: All the way up to the sky? That's a very good answer.

Act II

Scene: another warm summer evening. Everyone is lounging around after Maia's bath, which Chloë helped with and enjoyed immensely.

Chloë (poking at Mama's pants): Mama pae het?
Mama: Yes, they're wet. That's because someone was splashing during Maia's bath.
Chloë (starting to giggle): No.
Mama: Was that someone Chloë?
Chloë (coyly): No.
Mama: No? Who was it, then?
Chloë: Uddah Koë.
Mama: Some other Chloë splashed me?
Chloë: Hah [yeah].


Scene: same evening. Chloë lies on the bed, at her leisure, as her Daddy changes her diaper.

Chloë (for no discernible reason): Ha. Ha ha. [She considers.] Hahahahahahaha!