Saturday, July 9, 2011

Silly symphonies

I've been pulling out some of the silly songs I made up during Chloë's babyhood for use with Maia. Of the half-dozen or so I thought worth remembering, one is for baby exercises, and goes like this (with appropriate accompanying movements):

Baby arms go up, baby arms go down
Baby arms go all around
Baby arms go in, baby arms go out
Baby arms go all about
Baby arms do the wave, the wave, the wave, the wave
They do the Macarena, the Macarena
They clap clap clap, they clap clap clap, they clap clap clap clap cheer!
They pull you up here
They put you down there
Baby arms go everywhere!

Don't you judge me.

Ahem. Chloë heard me chanting this with Maia and loved it. I don’t know whether she has a dim memory of me doing it with her or if she likes seeing me waggle her sister's arms all over the place or what, but she'll request it when the three of us are sitting together. She laughs when I try to clap Maia's hands together and they're curled tight (which they always are). Then she says, "Do Koë." So I take her wrists and go through it with her. When we're done she sayd, "Do Maia." It's the cutest thing. I'm not sure where she picked up "Do" as a verb, at least in this context (is this the same as "Chloë do" or not?) but then I don't know where she picks up a lot of her words.

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