Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Eric and I both had the day off today (he because he lost his job a week and a half ago, me because work is forcing us to take four days a month off), so we decided to go to a lab and get bloodwork done.

I'd had an order for Eric to get cystic fibrosis screening since before my last appointment, but since the nurse got all the information wrong (including his name) we threw it away and I asked for another one. She still got things wrong on this one, but I just fixed them and the lab didn't say anything. My bloodwork was for a quad screen (the standard Down's Syndrome/spina bifida/etc. screen), and they'd also gotten information wrong on mine, but again I fixed it and the lab didn't care. Maybe they've had experience with this before.

Anyway, it was uneventful, except that my reliable blood-giving vein flopped and after three tries the lab tech decided to switch to my other arm, so I walked out with a matched set of bandages on my arms. I presume I'll hear the results at the next appointment. Here's hoping absolutely nothing is wrong. I talked to my friend Carol on Sunday about pregnancy and birth--she's due in about three weeks--and she said she'd lend me some books she has on the delivery process, but not for a few months, since (a) she'll need them and (b) I don't want to know about that kind of thing just yet. I wonder how much of this having-a-kid process involves things I won't want to know about until I have to.


Carol said...

A funny bit of froth which can be easily found used or at a library (I think I gave mine away because I couldn't find it the other day) is Vicky Iovine's Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy. It's funny, light, and honest -- even if we all can't be the wife of a record executive.

Tom Pellitieri said...

Of course, I now have "The Phlebotomist's Lament" (a song by Heather Rose Jones) stuck in my head... Thanks... :P

Jenny said...

Thanks for the pointer, Carol--I'll check it out.

Sorry, Tom. :)