Sunday, February 21, 2010

Human food

[Note: this was written on Friday but then my e-mail was broken into and I couldn't log into Blogger. If you got the e-mail and are worried, no, I'm not in London.]

When I got home from work last night Eric and Chloë came down to the kitchen to greet me. Chloë held her arms out to me, so of course I took her and held her while I put away my things. I passed her to Eric while I cut myself a piece of sourdough bread, then took her back after I'd had a bite of it. She immediately lowered her head and her mouth glommed onto a corner of the bread.

She's had wheat, so I wasn't worried about allergies, but I was a little concerned she was going to break a chunk off and choke on it. However, she still doesn't have any teeth, and she seemed to be sucking more than chomping. "Is that good?" Eric asked her. It seemed to be, because she kept sucking. Eventually a piece broke off and disappeared into her mouth, then fell out onto the floor, and I ate the rest of the bread myself, letting her suck on it every now and again. Then I had a glass of water and she wanted that, so I let her try to drink some. (I think she got a little. Her onesie and the floor got more.)

"I will make you bread!" I told her. "With bananas in it!" We went and looked up recipes for teething biscuits, and I may be trying some of those soon.

Also, the morning teacher at daycare made me fill out an application for reduced-cost meals for when Chloe starts solids. We're not going to qualify, and I'd rather send food along than have them feed her anyway, but apparently it's not just Chloë who thinks it's time she started on what Eric keeps calling "human food." I'm still kind of perplexed on how we're supposed to make the transition from nursing to solids--figuring out the proportion of nursing to solids as we go along, that is. I guess we'll just roll with how Chloë's feeling over the weeks.

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