Sunday, February 7, 2010

Travel baby

Chloë took her first long car trip today--we went to see some friends in Akron, two and a half hours away. She did okay. She played and watched the world go by for about forty-five minutes, then started to fuss, then fell asleep holding Eric's hand. She was great at Courtney and Ryan's. At first, their son appeared to be intimidated by her (witness: crying when put on the floor with her), but by the end of the visit was pulling off his shirt and drinking his juice in front of her on purpose to impress her. Or at least that was our guess.

On the way home she slept again, for a good two hours. Normally her naps are around forty-five minutes, so this was impressive. Despite that, she got to sleep with a minimum of fuss. I love our sleep schedule. I live in dread of the day it changes. Well, unless it changes so that she sleeps until my alarm goes off.

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