Monday, February 22, 2010

Status report: Month 7

(Technically a day early, but I won't have time tomorrow.)

Poor Chloë is coughing and sneezing in her sleep. We've had about six weeks free of sickness, but they're at an end now. She was a little whiny this evening, but not bad--certainly not as whiny as Eric or I get when we're sick. We'll see what the morning brings, not to mention the night.

Other than the cold, she's doing very well these days. She's big and chubby and still very smiley. She hasn't figured out how to crawl yet, but she's getting close. Very close. She gets up on her hands and knees and pushes, which makes her go backward; she gets up on her hands and toes and wails because she can't figure out where to go from there. She loves to sit, and has started rocking back and forth sometimes when she does, as if she's listening to internal music. Or if somebody got her a baby iPod...or weed...and she isn't sharing.

Nighttime sleep has gotten better and better. She now goes to sleep at eight-thirty or nine, usually without an argument, and sleeps until six or seven unless she didn't eat enough before bed, or probably unless she's sick (I'm going to bed early tonight in anticipation). Naps have become much more of a struggle than they used to be, though. She mostly takes one in the morning and one in the afternoon, but only after much protest and not for very long. Saturday she had just one and it was for an hour and a half. I think she's making up for all that napping she did in her first weeks. Really, we wouldn't have minded if she didn't. She sleeps better in our arms, but only if she stays there, which can be inconvenient.

She's had wheat, squash, pineapple, strawberries, and chicken since the last time I posted a list. I feel we must have given her more new foods than that, but maybe not--we've also been trying combining foods, re-exposing her to things (Gerber 1st Foods peas bad, 2nd Foods peas good, Beechnut peas dubious), and working on increasing amounts and lumpier textures. Also, drinking. She treats her sippy cups as bottles, without realizing that she has to tip them up to get the liquid out. I put one on the tray in front of her and she lunges for it with her mouth, but she hasn't quite figured out how her hands are supposed to relate.

She's made an important discovery: she has feet! And they are yummy!

A lot of everything goes in the mouth now: credit cards, spoons, tags, her fingers, our fingers, her doll's fingers (well, hand). And what doesn't still goes in the fist. Power cords are in constant danger when she's around. We've started offering her some puffs, and she can occasionally pick one up and get it to her mouth. Or close to it. Small objects are now completely off-limits. (Not that we left marbles and pennies lying around, trusting that she was safe because she couldn't pick them up. We're not that careless.)

She continues to love the baby in the mirror, and pictures of other babies are vastly entertaining. She's laughing more, and it's often at faces--the one on the front of the baby-food book, the ones of her cousins on the refrigerator, even the author photo in a book of mine. (Books are great, too: they have nice chewable corners and pages that squeak when you rub your hands along them!) She likes people a lot, and she likes play more and more. She's our happy social little girl, and she's wonderful.

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