Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Slouching toward speech

Chloë was still quite sick last night when I came home, mewling occasionally with hectic red cheeks. I got a bit alarmed when I noticed she kept opening and shutting her mouth, like she was chewing on something. Was she trying to pop her ears? Was she unable to breathe? Eric had a different theory. "I think she's working on consonants," he said. "We've heard her babbling a little. She just doesn't realize she has to do it while she's talking."

I thought this was absurd, but later in the evening when he was gone to watch our nieces (well, watch our stepsister watch our nieces) she started saying "Amamamama" and I started to think he might be right. It's a little awe-inspiring to actually watch her take a developmental step like this. She sounds so much more grown-up, so suddenly. Yes, I'm calling my baby a grown-up. Sniff.

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