Thursday, May 31, 2012

I laughed my head off

Chloë and I went out shopping Monday to get some fruit and other things. We decided to stop at Meijer for "Daddy's special drink" (cans of powdered Gatorade). Chloë needed to pee, so we stood inside the bathroom while she did so and I told her we'd change her in the car if there was a Pull-Up in the diaper bag. We bought the Gatorade (and looked at the fish in the pet section) and went back to the car, where Chloë reminded me hopefully to look for a Pull-Up. We had one, so I had her stand in the front seat to be wiped and changed. "When you're three, you're going to be too big to be changed like this," I muttered as I held the Easy-Up out so she could step into it. "Of course, when you're three you're not going to be changed at all. You'll be in underwear."

Chloë looked worried and I braced myself for a discussion about how she doesn't like using the potty. "But I will still be Chloë," she said.

I laughed and agreed, "You'll still be Chloë," and helped her into her carseat. When I got into my own seat I turned on the air conditioning and said, "Let's blow this popsicle stand!", expecting her to ask "what popsicle" or somesuch. Instead, she sucked in a breath and blew.

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Ernie said...

A very interesting comment "I'll still be Chloe"