Friday, May 18, 2012

More conversations with Chloë

Chloë (pointing to a spot on the ceiling): Is that a spider?
Jenny: It might be. It's too small for me to tell.
Chloë: Maybe it's a jaguar.
Jenny: It's too small to be a jaguar.
Chloë: A baby jaguar.

Chloë: Want me to sing another song, Mama?
Jenny: Sure. Let's hear a song about Maia.
Chloë: Maia, mister sister, steals my drink, steals my drink, steals my drink, steals my drink!
Jenny (laughing): Now let's hear one about Daddy.
Chloë: Daddy steals my drink, steals--
Jenny: Daddy doesn't steal your drink, silly.
Chloë: Daddy puts me in time out, puts me in time out, puts me in time out, he's a hero!
Jenny: Now I want to hear one about me.
Chloë: Mommy steals, steals, steals, steals.
Jenny (resolving not to clean Chloë's plate after dinner anymore): I'm not so impressed by that one.

Chloë: My hot chocolate spilled!
Jenny (on the glider with Maia): Here. [throws rag] Wipe yourself up with this.
Chloë (doing so): It spilled on the floor too.
Jenny: Try to clean it up too. Press down on the hot chocolate spot.
Chloë: It's not working. I need a wipe.
Jenny: Okay, go get one.
Chloë: [gets a wipe, wipes] It's working!
Jenny: Very good.
Chloë: See, I'm scrubbing it. You can do it next time I spill hot chocolate. I'll show you how. You just scrub, like this.
Jenny: Thanks for telling me how it's done.

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