Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Say "tzhchshe" and smile

Maia walked twenty-one steps the night before last. She's getting more and more confident about being on her feet. Oh, my baby. Stretching toward toddlerhood. I think she's got a first word, too: "tzhchshe," which means, "cheese." We've also heard her say "dow" when being put in the tub (when we invariably say either "one two three, two three, down" or "up we go...down we go") and I was amused thinking that maybe I'd have one daughter with the first word "up" and the other with the first word "down," but I think "tzhchshe" may have beat it out. Eric doesn't think it counts because she also says it when we read her new mirror book page that says "The sun has a sunny smile...say cheese!" but I think all that means is that she recognizes the word.

Yesterday after I came home from work Eric went upstairs for a nap, and while I probably should have taken the girls outside, I was tired too and suffering from allergies and didn't feel like it. So instead we hung out inside and watched a couple of Dora episodes. And it felt so good: lounging on the couch, cool and resting after a long day and a warm car ride, Chloë beside me clutching her beloved mango juice, Maia lolling against my leg as she played with a plastic bowl and occasionally pointed to the TV. "This is so great!" I said. "We're going to do this same thing in ten years! We'll have popcorn and watch chick flicks."

Chloë asked "What is popcorn?" and I got derailed trying to explain, but I didn't lose that feeling of being intensely where I should be, where I wanted to be, happy. I don't have that feeling much. But I don't think I'm really going to have to wait ten years to have it again.

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