Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pregnancy brain sets in, part 2

1. We picked up the crib from Babies R Us today. Dad (who's been in Dayton for a class and has been driving up on the weekends) and Eric went outside to bring the borrowed van around to load it, and I went to the register to sign paperwork. I had to ask the clerk what day it was. It's my birthday.

2. I was packing for a business trip that I'm leaving for tomorrow, and while I was getting things together, Bev called me on my cell phone. I got most of my things packed and then ran around for five minutes, still talking to Bev, while trying to figure out where I'd put my cell phone.


Carol said...

You know that pregnancy brain doesn't get better after the baby is born, right? We call it "mommy brain."

Happy (belated) Birthday!!!

Jenny said...

Man, you're just full of good news. :)