Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Unused diapers don't go bad, do they?

I was reading on the bed last night and rolled over onto my stomach without thinking, the first time I've done that in weeks, and my abdomen felt exactly like it contained a larger version of that little bubble of water you get in a ripe blister--which, you know, as Eric said, duh, but it was a very strange feeling.

I went to the my new midwife group yesterday for my first appointment with them. It went very well; I liked the people I met and it felt pretty much like any other doctor's office except friendlier, and my old office did transfer over my records like they were supposed to (except for possibly the mandatory gonorrhea check that I certainly remember the nurse telling me she was going to do, way back when--they don't seem to have the results on file anywhere). They gave me a new goody bag (with a diaper sample from 2007) and a bunch of information on preterm labor; at 22 weeks apparently I'm past the word miscarriage.

According to their scale I need to cut back on the chocolate and the peanut butter toast (I don't think the oranges would make me gain quite that much, though I admit there have been an awful lot of them), but according to ours at home I'm doing fine, so it may just be a calibration issue--we'll see how the next weighing goes. I mentioned being a vegetarian, and the nurse said "What kind?" and the midwife said, "Do you know how to make complex proteins?" (she meant complete) and I said yes and that was that. They measured my fundal height (21 cm), which was new, and listened to the heartbeat (145 bpm), and everything continues to be delightfully average and boring.

They called me later that afternoon to say that they'd gone over my ultrasound records and there was a note that the technician hadn't gotten a good view of the spine, which they like to get as part of their anatomy survey. We took home what looked like a perfectly nice picture of the spine, so I don't know what they needed unless the technician just forgot to write down the relevant data or something, but they asked me to go in Friday for a second ultrasound to get it. It'll be interesting to see the three weeks' difference in L.E.O.'s growth--according to, she was about eight ounces at nineteen weeks and should be close to a pound now, a doubling of her body weight. Suddenly that extra chocolate-induced weight on me doesn't sound so bad.

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