Thursday, April 30, 2009

Getting in gear

There is a baby swing in our office. This is freaking us out.

I got back from my Seattle trip yesterday, bringing a big suitcase full of awesome baby stuff that my family gave us. (And gift cards, for ease of packing, which I appreciated.) I would describe them but talking about how extremely adorable every outfit and blanket was and how many neat little things were on the diaper cake (a phrase I never understood before) will probably get very boring very quickly. Suffice to say, we are very grateful and very pleased and very, very alarmed at the ever-growing realization that we're going to need all this stuff for an actual tiny human.

Angie and Matt gave us a Papasan baby swing a few weeks ago and while I was gone, Eric brought it to our house (it had been left at the mothers' for a while). We decided today that it made no sense to wash and put away the new outfits and blankets and washcloths now, since ideally we should wash them just before L.E.O. is born, which is (if all goes well) still thirteen weeks away. But I was itching to do baby prep/nesting-type activities, and I able to be annoying about it because I was home for the day (I took a sick day because I had a doctor appointment and was figuring I'd have jet lag; all is well, though my previous doctor's office apparently never did the state-mandated gonorrhea/chlamydia screen they were supposed to, so we had to do it today--I'm glad I left them), so we decided to assemble the swing instead.

It went together pretty quickly and smoothly, and we decided to bring it into the office to see whether it would fit. It does, and it's sitting by the window now, with a stuffed rabbit sitting inside it. There's a baby swing in our office. In a few months it will be rocking a baby. Unreal.

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