Monday, May 4, 2009

Weight matters

We got back from Penguicon yesterday. Technically L.E.O.'s first conventions were in 2009, though I doubt she'll count them as she gets older. I wore the Geek Inside shirt that Eric got me (unfortunately, we decided that the next size up from my usual would be best, but it's still way too big for me--we'll see how it fits in two months) and we were able to share our plans for L.E.O.'s world dominion with a few con friends.

Today's milestone: I am wearing maternity pants for real. Mom gave me three pairs and I tried out the jeans a couple of times, because I miss my jeans. But they felt like they were going to fall down, so I put all three aside. But today I discovered I've grown out of another pair of pants ("From this angle you're huge!" Eric said last night. "Huge!") and decided to give this pair a try. They're still slipping a little but not bad at all--mainly, I think, because they're much lighter than the jeans. However, I've been popping out rather a lot the last few weeks (despite not having gained as much as I did last month), and I'm pretty sure that before long I will also be able to defy gravity with the jeans.

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