Friday, May 29, 2009

Childbirth class I: We Won't Laugh at You Until You Leave

The childbirth class looks like it's going to be okay. We were a little skeptical when we started out watching a video of Bill Cosby talking about the birth of his first child, and then going around the room saying (among other things) what traits we wanted our children to inherit, but we also discussed symptoms of late pregnancy and labor stages and warning signs and how preterm labor could be prevented or stopped.

Apparently the instructors of childbirth classes used to lie to expectant mothers, telling them there would be no pain involved. (I’m not sure I believe this. Didn't any of these people talk to their own mothers?) Also, apparently nurses laugh at expectant mothers a lot--but not until they leave, so we should feel free to come in and get checked if we're not sure what's going on. I can see drawbacks to having a nurse teach this class.

However, it was nice to hear actual anecdotes, and apparently she's also the lactation Nazi the nurse who gave us the hospital tour told us about, so we can expect to get plenty of information on that. We did a breathing exercise, but only as a five-minute end-of-class thing; it sounds like mainly it's going to be education on options and the actual process of delivery, plus some newborn care, which is what we want. Next week we get into the hard stuff: positions and drugs.

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