Thursday, May 21, 2009

The amazing shrinking shoes

My shoes shrank today. They were fine yesterday, but this morning they were small. This does not bode well. I really love these shoes.

I'm now on the two-week plan with the midwives' office, as the receptionist said when scheduling my next appointment. It feels almost like a promotion. (Actually, I wouldn't know. I've never been promoted.) I met the second of the three midwives who assist with births, Sandy. One of her first questions was, "What's your birth plan?"

"Um..." was my response. ("Survive" didn't seem like what she was looking for.)

"So, whatever? I like that, actually, it means we'll be able to work together to find out what works for you." We discussed pain management, water and relaxation and medications--her attitude toward epidurals seemed to be "Most people would consider them unthinkable but I'm very progressive in my outlook"--and she warned me that first-time mothers tend to be late rather than early, but they'll start suggesting induction at 41 weeks and start getting tough about it at 42. I'd mentioned that my parents live in Seattle, and she said, "So keep that in mind when your parents are making plans." She also said, during the epidural discussion, "Since you're from Seattle I expect you're more open to natural birth than some of the girls around here, who don't want to feel any pain." That amused me.

L.E.O.'s development continues to be splendidly normal. Presumably she's getting it out of her system now. My blood pressure is also normal (due, I expect, to a slow week at work--if I were dealing with clients at full speed I bet it'd be elevated), I'm neither diabetic nor anemic, and my weight gain is pretty reasonable. The nurse said something while taking my blood pressure about me being "little," which made me laugh since I'm now the heaviest I've ever been. Eric pointed out the other day that when I lie on my back I don't really look pregnant, just kind of round, but in any other position it's pretty easy to see at this point. Once the heat kicks in and my shoes shrink permanently, it'll be easy to hear, too, because I'll be complaining all the time.

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