Sunday, May 17, 2009


Yesterday we moved our science fiction and fantasy books from the nurserary downstairs to the dining room. This involved several iterations of filling up laundry baskets with books, hauling them downstairs, unloading the books, and sending the laundry baskets up again; putting all the books on the shelves to see if they would fit; stacking the books in twenty-two stacks, one for each letter of the alphabet (we had no E, Q, U, or X authors); and placing them back on the shelves in alphabetical order. (Eric was the one who wanted them alphabetized, incidentally. I was okay with just making sure books by the same author were together.) It was quite a bit of work, but the dining room seems much friendlier now.

In the process we pulled out some books that can stay with L.E.O. (like Alice in Wonderland and some picture books I own from when I corresponded with a children's author, though those will have to come out again when L.E.O. is likely to deface them) and a few doubles we didn't realize we had. Some will go to Goodwill or friends, and some will go back to the nursery (a nurserary no more) to wait until L.E.O. can read, or until we start reading to her. A six-month-old can't really tell the difference between Goodnight Moon and The War of the Worlds, can she?

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