Friday, April 3, 2009

She's going to have us killed anyway.

L.E.O. now weighs approximately 570 g (about a pound and a quarter). She has a four-chambered heart and a three-vessel umbilical cord and what looks like a very promising brain. (Maybe Eric will get these pictures up someday...) Also, apparently, a reluctance to have her spine imaged, since she didn't make it easy for today's ultrasound technician either. But the technician eventually got it, and we were very pleased with the session--it seemed more thorough than last time, and more oriented towards collecting data than showing us the itty bitty fingers and eensy weensy toesies (and we found the data collection more interesting and reassuring anyway).

L.E.O. is also quite definitely a girl. That waveform has thoroughly collapsed. "Look, here are her labia," the technician said, pointing them out on the screen.

"There's a picture to show her boyfriends," I said.

"You want one?" she inquired.

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